Baseball & Softball

Hamilton County Athletic Association offers Tball, Baseball & Softball during the summer to children ages 4-14.  Seasons will run from the end of May through June.  Games will be played in the evenings throughout the week and will be held at the fields located at the Hamilton County High School.  As always, home schooled as well as those living outside of the county are more than welcome to participate.  Registration is currently underway online at the link below or you may attend an in-person registration.  The deadline to register is April 1, 2017.  HCAA Baseball & Softball will follow all PONY rules and age structures.  For baseball, including Shetland 6U, the child’s age on May 1 determines their league.  For softball, the child’s age on January 1 determines their league.

  • SHETLAND 6U (ages 4-6) will be a mixture of tee ball and coach pitch, with everyone transitioning to only coach pitch by the end of the season.
  • PINTO 8U (ages 7-8; 6 year olds can play up) will be a mixture of coach pitch & kid pitch.  This will be the first league allowing the kids to get the experience of learning to pitch, catch, and bat against a pitcher.
  • MUSTANG 10U (ages 9-10; 8 year olds can play up) will be a kid pitch league.  This is their first real baseball/softball experience.
  • BRONCO 12U (ages 11-12; 10 year olds can play up) and PONY 14U (ages 13-14; 12 year olds can play up) will be regular baseball rules and scenarios.